Step 1 : Enquiry

To start our technical qualification work and and search for the best price/delivery conditions, the ONAXESS purchasing office requires:

  • the type of component sought (valve, manifold, sensor, etc.)
  • the preferred brand of component (GEMU, SIEMENS, FESTO, etc.)
  • and the component reference (as it appears on the product itself)
Step 2 : Technical approval

Once the required articles have been identified, the ONAXESS team will send you :

  • a proforma invoice
  • data sheets
Step 3 : Shipping conditions

Then we will agree together the best shipping method to suit your maintenance operation and sourcing process :

  • either by grouping your company’s orders together on a single pallet/container to minimise sourcing and logistics costs. We then ship your orders, after we check and pack the goods ourselves, as soon as you tell us to.
  • or by the express shipment of a single package to deal with an urgent requirement on your production site. When we receive the parts, our proximity to Lyon airport allows us to deliver quickly with an average turnaround of 24-48 hours for dispatch to major airports in North Africa.
Step 4 : Shipping

To prevent any sourcing delay, our staff take care of and check every stage in the shipping process. All required documents are sent to you as scans and can be approved by your relevant department before the goods are shipped.

Step 5 : Monitoring

Within 48 hr you will receive an inter-bank tracking number so that you can monitor your order and ensure that it is being dealt with efficiently.

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